We are Kiton

we do things as we used to do by generations. With love, passion and mastery.

Ciro Paone
The Story of a man in love with elegance
"If I didn’t already do this job, I would pay to do it." Ciro Paone has turned his greatest passion into a vocation.
Pontaccio 21
The new house of Kiton
On January 12th, 2014 we proudly inaugurated Palazzo Kiton, opening the doors of our new home.
Young People
The Tailoring School
Kiton has launched a strategic bridge to the future to carry forward the story, the style and the secrets of its sartorial design.
Men Collection
Women Collection
Our Tailors
Elegance is in their hands
Expert hands and eyes which, throughout all the production stages, add value to the product, making each piece unique.
The Suit
25 hours of passion
To create a made to measure suit means, here at Kiton, be sure that it will become a perfect expression of its wearer.
The Buttons
What makes the differences
For both the menswear and womenswear lines the buttons are hand-sewn onto the garments by a tailor, using Faro silk thread.
We are Kiton

because we create garments in a unique way, with the highest quality and the desire to do always better.

The Perfect Jacket
The protagonist of the Kiton style for its unique appeal and for its unique capacity to dictate the style in every occasion.