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The Buttons

14 Janaury 2014 I In the Pride and Tradition

Details of Style

For both the menswear and womenswear lines the buttons are hand-sewn onto the garments by a tailor, using Faro silk thread. The shell, horn and mother of pearl buttons for the jackets are stored in the “Stanza dei Bottoni” (Button Room); those who are fortunate enough to enter are mesmerised by the amazing expanse of colour created by a quantity of buttons enough to fill a swimming pool.

Each jacket has three buttons sewn onto the front, a small button to close the inside pocket in the lining and four buttons on each sleeve; the latter are not merely superimposed but coupled perfectly symmetrically: a hallmark of every Kiton suit.
The buttons are sewn on using the three-pointed technique. This creates a three millimetre “stem" to leave the button slightly detached from the fabric and enable greater ease when fastening.
One thing is certain: a Kiton button will hardly come off from wherever the tailor has sewn it on.

"If a button has come off, then the fabric will also have come away with it"

The shirt buttons, on the other hand, are in Pinctada Maxima mother of pearl, from Sidney. The oysters are sea-farmed, exclusively for Kiton, which makes them much more durable than those reared in tanks. The buttons are punched out of the central and most expensive part of the nacre. They are not processed from the crust of the shell and are not chemically bleached, thus, they maintain their natural hues intact.