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Ciro Paone

12 December | In The Company |

The story of the man who has always been in love with elegance

Ciro Paone has turned his greatest passion into a vocation, elevating tailoring from a modest artisan craft to an artistic expression: the love for beauty, the love for beautiful garments.
Ciro Paone modelled the entire Kiton tailoring project on the idea of quality from the start. Quality as the basis of the production process, carried out according to the age-old rulebook of the Neapolitan tailoring profession which, nowadays, is reaffirmed in sourcing the best raw materials in the world and in the quality control of the finished garments. It must have been written in Mr. Paone's destiny destiny, the son of fifth-generation fabric merchants. Quality of which Paone is the spokesman; the perfection which he is inclined to is not only sought in the creation of the garments but also in everyday life and in relationships with others, co-workers and customers, as he often likes to say: "On the phone you have to make love to the customer."

"If I didn’t already do this job, I would pay to do it"

Ciro Paone has always spoken predominantly in Neapolitan yet he has made himself understood around the globe. He has acquired his skills mainly from day-to-day work but has been a speaker at conferences in the most prestigious universities.
The roots of his company have little to do with marketing strategies but much more to do with a streak of virtuoso creativity and irrational instinct which has always translated into the Kiton style.