Discover the S/S 2016 Men's Collection Book

Spring - Summer 2016

Following the constant research at their own woolmill for the most prestigious fabrics and the most precious materials, Kiton launches the first 12.8 micron wool, proposed in 20 different colours. Throughout the years they have meticulously capitalized the very small quantities of this thread available in the world and succeeded in producing a small number of pieces.
The exclusivity of this thread together with the excellence of the quality of the final product are the perfect interpretation of the requirements of all Kiton gentlemen when it comes to style.
It was Naples in the 40’s that inspired the new Spring-Summer 2016 Kiton collection for men. In those years Neapolitan men had an exemplary and distinctive aesthetic code: they loved to dress well and they normally changed three times a day, wearing the most suitable garment at every time. The perfect jacket for each occasion, from coloured linen for a walks during the day, to much darker suits for the evening or dinner jackets to be worn to attend a performance at the San Carlo Theatre, Naples’ temple of the opera.
Once again the next summer the jacket dictates the trends of style codes, the most representative garment of Kiton’s “savoir-faire”: in the double-breasted version with firm but not exasperated revers, cashmere is matched with linen to give garment a soft touch, round but still fresh, amplified by the return to a range of colours that reminds us of the bright shades of the Mediterranean such as yellow, turquoise, cobalt blue, emerald and cherry red.
According to the strict Neapolitan tradition, ties have to be made with seven pleats. They had a very important role considering that the Neapolitan homo elegans normally owned a large quantity of ties to be able to change it several times during the day, brighter and fuller colours in the morning and darker shades after the sunset.
Always in the 40’s Neapolitan men couldn’t renounce to elegance even for the most informal events. Lovers of the sea, they often spent their free time at the traditional yacht clubs. The Kiton Spring-Summer 2016 sportswear line is inspired to that pleasure of knowing how to dress with style in such occasions.
A collection that sees luxury interpreted as objective quality perceivable through the body and the senses, to offer the contemporary men a garments of contents, that live beyond the concept of fashion.

From Naples in the 40’s to the innovative 12.8 micron wool
Cashmere and refined wools are certainly part of the casual wardrobe. Cashmere outerwear becomes almost weightless (140 gr.), almost as a shirt: wool is combined with silk with a double process specifically thought for jackets. A new concept for wind jackets, an authentic variation of Kiton tailoring sportswear par excellence: single-breasted with rever and buttons, wool and silk combined to provide protection against wind and water. Again for the next season the CIPA capsule gets inspiration from the 70’s featuring Irish linen suits, cottons, silk shantungs in their classical colours such as beige and shades of blue. Jackets hint at the old light wool pieces that the Ciro Paone woolmill used to produce in the Sixties.