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The Duke of Windsor collection

10 January 2014 I In the Company and our Tradition

The epitome of elegance

It was a cold March day in New York city when the hammer came down at Sotheby's auction house and the fateful "sold " was pronounced to grant Ciro Paone a special consignment of clothes that once belonged to the Duke of Windsor: the icon of refined elegance and a noteworthy character on the international social scene in the period between the '30s and the '50s.

Those garments are now part of the treasure-trove of art and history that is on permanent display at the Kiton premises. They are showcased in the picturesque windows of the bridge, designed by the architect Hadi Tehrani, which connects the company’s main wing with all the menswear production and the fabric warehouse, to that dedicated to the womenswear sector.

Ciro Paone had met the Duke of Windsor, and his partner Wally Simpson, many years previously and had been highly impressed by the style and elegance of this fascinating couple.

“...wherever I find myself I look for ideas, tips and inspiration, I try to steal as much as I can...”

A sentimental tribute, as well as the gratification of having reunited the thread of the story that links the absolute primacy of Neapolitan history to a legend of elegance. Some items of particular interest are the tail-suit worn at the wedding with Wally Simpson - the woman for whom he gave up the throne of England - two impeccable tuxedos and an original kilt: characteristics of the classic, enduring British style that are testimony to that concept of elegance that is not a slave to fleeting trends and that, in the third millennium, Kiton re-proposes in its timeless garments.