F/W 2016 - 2017 Women's Collection Book

The Kiton womenswear autumn/winter collection is inspired by the desire to create a new type of daywear that combines casual clothing with high quality tailoring designed for women who are feisty, dynamic and independent. It is no coincidence that Melinda Gates, the wife of Bill Gates, chose the iconic Kiton jacket for last December’s cover of Forbes magazine.
The tradition of men’s tailoring, which has always been such a distinctive feature of Kiton worldwide, merges with the meticulous attention paid to enhancing the proportions of women and the feminine figure.

The collection originates from the concept of the Neapolitan home. In the three rooms adjoining the central reception room, the models interpret the new identity of Kiton woman. The first room is devoted to what is generally considered the quintessential aspect of the female universe: clothing. Models create a tableau vivant, wearing constantly changing combination of garments for a mix-and-match collection. The second room is typically Neapolitan and recreates the atmosphere of a traditional restaurant where the classical elegance of the Kiton brand blends with the harmonious atmosphere of Naples. The instinctive sense of good taste and beauty is masterfully reinterpreted in the last room which represents the most authentic aspect of tradition: Italian food. It is aimed at a woman who is ready for any moment of the day, from morning to evening, who can change her outfit simply by tinkering with her accessories.

The style reaches its height in a harmonious continuum between tradition and innovation.
Among the new items in the collection are the coats made from wool crepe and cashmere which, while retaining a classic fit, provide a gentler, more sinuous figure. They are enhanced by the bright shades of red and yellow which mark a clean break with the timeless elegance of black. The Daily Double in pure cashmere, available in pale natural colours in pastel shades, covers coats, capes and jackets to create everyday elegance. The micro prints of classic neckwear are turned into macro prints for pure silk sweaters, a must for Kiton woman who loves to reinterpret the materials of men’s clothing to suit her own personality. The shirts take on a feminine character thanks to the use of rouge, crop tops and transparencies. Even skirts, a typically feminine garment, come in a more casual variant with tweed, despite maintaining the classic “flared” look. The classic range of colours, marked by black and charcoal grey, is brightened up by pink, fuchsia, primary yellow, red and white.