F/W 2017-2018 Men's Collection Book

As the symbol of timeless elegance and style, Kiton is the icon of high quality tailoring that combines and exalts innate good taste and a love of beauty. This vocation has become an obsession with quality to which another distinctive ingredient should be added: the renowned motto of the brand: “Plus One”.


The main new feature of the season is the use of Natural Stretch fabrics which enrich both Suits and Jackets. Made with special finishing processes that give the woven yarn elasticity, this technique is used to weave pure cashmere, 14 micron wool and flannel to make trousers especially soft.

The collection reconfirms the use of high quality Vicuna fabrics which are presented for the first time in new colours, ranging from green to burgundy and denim, exclusively for Kiton.



The star item of the Fall/Winter 2017-18 Menswear collection is a new suit made from Natural Stretch fabrics with a slimmer, more modern fit. The special manufacturing process provides extra comfort, enabling the garment to meet the needs of customers who make frequent journeys or for daily use.

Among the formal wear in the collection, the three-piece suit confirms its role as a must-have item for this season, following the enthusiastic reception of Kiton customers for the classic waistcoat as a distinctively stylish garment.

The bespoke tailoring service, the innate vocation that has always been a distinctive feature of Kiton, has been further enriched by the addition of exclusive 13 Micron wool. The constant research carried out in the company’s woollen mill in the quest for even higher quality fabrics, the most precious materials and the creation of exclusive patterns and mixtures, has led to the selection of a number of pieces sufficient to make only 200 suits, destined for Kiton’s most demanding customers.


Whether it is unstructured, made of natural stretch jersey for weekend use, or double cashmere matched with melange and plain colours, the jacket remains the star item of Kiton style both as a delightfully comfortable garment and as an accessory that combines elegance with functionality on any occasion.
The exclusive Vicuna fibre, a crucial part of Kiton tradition, is presented for the first time in dyed shades, both monochromatic and two-coloured, also to create blazers and dinner jackets.
The menswear collection also includes plenty of traditional variants, both with micro designs and large patterns. The jackets have a slimmer drop and a length reduced from 76 cm to 74 cm.


The Fall/Winter 2017-18 Menswear collection confirms the return of the coat as a stylish garment, a must-have item in a man’s wardrobe. Given a new contemporary twist, the coats have peak lapels and patch pockets, enriched by colours and patterns which lend a new youthful twist to an iconic garment.


Dinner jackets

Special attention is given to evening wear with the iconic dinner jacket. 14 micron wool and mohair in shades of Midnight Blue are the stand-out materials of the season.

“A gentleman’s wardrobe should always contain a grey suit, a blue suit, a blue blazer and a dinner jacket”

Antonio De Matteis


An extensive research into fabrics and models to meet the needs of increasingly dynamic customers whose natural inclination towards elegance and comfort is reinterpreted with a contemporary twist that takes account of the latest innovations.
“Kiton iSystem”, a sportswear line in the Fall/Winter 2017-18 Menswear collection, offers solutions that can be worn by customers at any time of day. In particular, there are coats and overcoats that go perfectly with formal wear, together with extremely elegant single-breasted trench coats and parka jackets. The main items in the collection are coats made of technical materials with fur lining. The capsule wardrobes for skiing are increasingly popular and have an increasingly technical structure. The external fabric has a tight elastic weave that makes the garment both windproof and waterproof. The elasticity and lightness enables the garment to follow the movements of the body. The attention to detail and wearability also make the models ideal for casual wear.