Casa Kiton

we do things as we used to do by generations. With love, passion and mastery.

Kiton - Ciro Paone
Ciro Paone
The Story of a man in love with elegance
He has turned his greatest passion into a vocation. The special event dedicated by Pitti Immagine as a portrait and a tribute.
Kiton - The Suit
The Suit
25 hours of passion
Expert hands and eyes which, throughout all the production stages, add value to the product, making each piece unique.
Kiton - Munich
Casa Kiton in Munich
New boutique
Enlarged boutique with a new floor for bespoke tailoring, and limited edition fabrics from the historic archive of Ciro Paone.
Kiton | Fall - Winter 2018-2019 Men's Collection
Men Collection
Kiton | Fall - Winter 2018-2019 Women's Collection
Women Collection
Kiton - The Tie
The Kiton Tie
Refined, light and captivating
The Kiton tie is the art of origami. Kiton ties are made using the “seven fold” technique according to the Neapolitan tradition.
Kiton Hamburg
The tenth anniversary of the boutique in Hamburg
Anniversary celebrated with limited edition items and a party.
Kiton - The Shoes
The Kiton Shoes
Craftsmanship as a prerequisite for uniqueness
Our shoes are a unique expression of art and craftsmanship, the fruit of a painstaking labour, which enhances a refined and exclusive look.
We are Kiton

because we create garments in a unique way, with the highest quality and the desire to do always better.