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The Jacket

17-01-2014 I In the Pride and our Tradition

The Protagonist of Kiton’s style

Its fascinating complexity immediately catches the eye. It softly wraps the wearer and adds a touch of elegance to every occasion.

For these reasons, amongst many, in Kiton we consider the jacket to be the core of our collection: it is the starting point that determines a specific style, to which we add the shirt, tie and trousers.

To construct it we commence with the preparation of the fabric, cut to size and based on the measurements accurately taken by our tailors. With this procedure we create the elegant masterpiece that is an entirely hand-cut and hand-stitched jacket.

Cutting, basting and finishing, lining, shoulder construction, neckline, sleeves and sewing of armholes, buttonholes and hems, pressing, attaching buttons and final quality control: every Kiton jacket is a jewel constructed with 33.000 hand stitches by 25 different hands.
A special detail? The pocket. This too is entirely handmade, incredibly soft and with a unique shape.

Elegance is masculine

A specialist tailor is at the customers’ service in every Kiton shop, whether distributor or flagship store, to offer advice and expertise on the custom garments, with a virtually endless choice of fabrics and exclusive accessories such as buttons, linings and finishes.
The perfect opportunity for entering into the Kiton world and personally experiencing the exclusivity of its made-to-measure service.