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The K50 Model

30-01-2014 I In The Made to Measure

Fifty hours of passion


This suit model is created exclusively by five of our finest tailors, who follow its construction from start to finish, from the design concept to the definition of every single detail, devoting 50 hours of painstaking labour. Each of these tailors is able to produce a maximum of fifty K50 suits per year.

The K50 model follows the line of the wearer’s body in a natural way because it is meticulously designed down to the finest detail; in particular at the points where the sleeve is attached to the body at the armhole, so as to always guarantee a perfect fit.

This suit has a longer silhouette than the other Kiton models. This longer look is attained by sewing the shoulders at the same point where the collar meets the lapel, creating a very high gorge; this procedure makes the collar shorter and, therefore, more difficult to construct because it cannot hold either excessive weight or length at the same point.

"Every aspect must be perfectly precise; you need metre,

because each suit is a poem”

The suit can be considered perfect because of its shape, its adaptability and the stitching of the fabric, its entirely handmade preparation and for its pockets, which are intricately finished in great detail.

The tailors qualified to create K50 model never use patterns to cut the fabric; they chalk the measurements directly onto the cloth. In addition to this, being expert master tailors, they iron the folds of the garment at each step in order to maintain the shape.