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01-02-2014 I In the Company and our Philosophy

The story of a company that has conquered the world

Ciro Paone was born in Naples in 1933; he came from a family of fabric dealers who had been operative for five generations. 35 years later, this innate passion gave rise to the Kiton project; it had the ambitious aim of affirming the values of elegance and bel vestire - characteristic of Neapolitan haute couture - around the world.
Year after year, from a small artisan workshop composed of 40 master tailors, and with the quality and uniqueness of its handcrafted creations, Kiton grew and conquered the foreign markets: first Germany, then France, the UK and Russia until 1986 when Kiton approached the US market founding the Kiton Corporation, with its Head Office on Fifth Avenue in New York City.

In the following years Kiton expanded its horizons towards the Far Eastern markets, paving its way by opening flagship stores in China and Korea.

Starting from the research and the creation of the first tailored garments for men, Kiton then concentrated its efforts on the shirt and tie product lines, made entirely by hand from the finest fabrics. It was then a short step which led Kiton to enhance its offer and provide its clients a complete range of products. Indeed, this aim inspired the creation of the shoe, knitwear, eyewear and womenswear lines.

Elegance cannot be explained; like beauty, it can only be shown

In order to consolidate the company’s potential, and to preserve its tailoring techniques and secrets, the Kiton Tailoring School was established in 2001, with the intent of training young tailors and introducing them to the world of high-class tailoring.
Today, Kiton is an established company with over 750 employees and more than 40 stores in 15 countries with an ambitious plan of new openings in the coming years.
The latest gift that Kiton has had the pleasure of sharing with its customers and employees is the acquisition of Palazzo Pontaccio, 21 in Milan, an extension of sublime Neapolitan style in the Italian fashion capital.