Kiton Eyewear Collection

Kiton, the Neapolitan fashion company founded on the high quality philosophy and synonymous with made in Italy excellence worldwide, presents its new man sunglasses collection spring-summer 2016.
Faithful to the philosophy “the best of the best +1” glasses Kiton put together only optical glass lens produced by Barberini, industry leader who has granted exclusive worldwide Kiton for the construction of the basic lens 2, ultra-thin thick glass with high performance in the sunglasses world.

Two minimal design and distinctive concepts thought to fit the exact needs of the contemporary gentleman with his elegant and sophisticated savoir faire.

The first Kiton sunglasses family take inspiration from the skilful scissors used masterfully by the experienced tailors from Arzano. The design is developed on the detail of the screw of the tailoring scissors that are aesthetically reproduced in the hinge between the temples and the rims; a perspective view from above of these models reveals at the bolt joining the distinctive red dot Kiton.

The second family celebrates the history of the brand: a “K” in titanium with galvanic treatment on the temples represent the logo Kiton.

Kiton: the first sartorial sunglasses
Kiton has selected only the best components and avant-garde raw materials as titanium, optical glass and cellulose acetate that is produced for Kiton by Mazzucchelli Italy; the worldwide famous company designs and manufactures for Kiton Eyewear all frame colour offers, that are specifically created to better match the palette of Kiton jackets. The concept “ custom made” can finally work for glasses’ universe, and glasses can bring the wearers initials, in fact in the interior temples a palladium plate allows the custom engraving.