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Kiton opens the new Bespoke lounge floor at the Munich boutique

Munich, 24 November 2016 - Kiton will open its doors to the brand’s most faithful and demanding clients in the heart of Munich at Falckenbergstraße 7, already the location of the Kiton boutique which has now been enlarged and refurbished.
Kiton will open the Bespoke Lounge Floor devoted entirely to bespoke tailoring, the core activity of the Neapolitan company which has reinforced its international reputation in the luxury apparel market.
To mark the opening of the new store in Munich, Kiton will host a live performance of the tailoring skills of Arzano, the company’s headquarters.
With the Master Tailor, the tie-maker and the cobbler, the Kiton look can be chosen “à la carte”, giving a behind-the-scenes insight into Italian style at its finest.
The demonstration of tailoring will be accompanied by tastings of dishes prepared by the two Michelin star chef Nino di Costanzo who represents a key player in Kiton events worldwide with an emphasis on Neapolitan specialities. 

Enlarged boutique with a new floor for bespoke tailoring, and limited edition fabrics from the historic archive of Ciro Paone

Besides the emphasis on bespoke excellence and savoire-faire, the new store will also feature a selection of the most exclusive Kiton fabrics during the period from 24 November to 31 January 2017. The fabrics have been selected directly from the personal archives of Ciro Paone to mark the occasion and are dedicated to Munich, a city with which Kiton has always had a special relationship. Customers can choose from a limited edition of fabrics and see a unique suit or coat being made up in the store.

The Kiton boutique in Munich occupies a surface area of over 400 sq. m. on two floors and comprises the menswear, womenswear and accessories collections, as well as the exclusive made-to-measure service. The architectural concept is inspired by an aesthetic design that conveys a family feel and reflects the values of a warm and welcoming Kiton home.

Antonio De Matteis, CEO of the Kiton Group, described the store as being situated in "an extremely important location in one of the most prestigious areas of the city, in this historic market which we are so fond of and where we have enjoyed so much success. It marks the starting point for a new focus of the brand in Germany".