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Links between past and future

For us at Kiton, unsurpassed traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology are linked by a fine thread of yarn. Indeed, thanks to the  know - how gained in a experience of a century from the acquired knitwear factory, we have been putting our hearts into creating our heritage knitwear yet, at the same time, always projecting our concepts towards the future. As a result of many years of research and experimentation we have learned to distinguish and work with materials of inimitable quality, crafted by our artisans through as many as 22 stages, half of which are carried out by hand.

"Tradition and avant-garde are linked with a fine thread of yarn"

The fully-fashioned knitting frames which we use to shape our garments are limited-edition traditional Bentley-Cotton machines which, in the past, were used to make hosiery for men and women. Nowadays, thanks to the latest generation software, they have been adapted to knit woollen yarns. Once completed each garment is passed to the capable hands of an artisan who painstakingly inspects it with a special transparent disk to make sure there are no imperfections and - we believe - to admire its sublime beauty.