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Mod. Lasa

27 January 2014 I In The Made to Measure

Our oldest and finest model

We produce only a few of these suits a year, made from start to finish by a single tailor who devotes 40 hours to each individual garment. The LASA model follows the shape of the body so closely that it seems sewn on. This is even more apparent in the sleeves, tapered at the forearms, making the jacket as soft as a shirt.

When worn, the suit never feels tight, but extremely light, almost intangible. These qualities all derive from its inner ultra-fine linen canvas; plus, the unpadded shoulders and the tailor’s skilful hand-stitching; the only padding is on the uppermost part of the sleeves to give the necessary support. The wrinkles around the arm are characteristic of Neapolitan sleeves, which are prepared and sewn by hand.

Style never goes out of fashion

Each stage of the production of a LASA garment is unique and meticulously undertaken: especially the modeling, ironing and sewing at the neck make this garment one-of-a-kind... last but not least, the tailor does not cut a pattern for the suit but designs it with chalk directly on the fabric, based on the specified measurements and of course, shapes it by ironing at every stage. In other words, nothing is left to chance in this suit’s creation.