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The Model CIPA 1960

30-01-2014 I In the Made to Measure

A classic return of style

The CIPA model is the newcomer, or rather it has been reinstated into the Kiton collections.

Created in the sixties by Ciro Paone, it has recently been reintroduced into the current collections with a revised styling, with the aim of enhancing the ancient tradition of Neapolitan tailoring but adapting it to contemporary trends in international fashion.

A new shape, a slimmer silhouette and exclusive fabrics designed specifically for Kiton that are inspired by the younger generations, who are fascinated by the elegance and sophistication of the Kiton style and who like to dress smartly.

As always, the result is a unique style, deriving both from the design concept and the finishing stages; every detail is studied to guarantee the maximum exclusivity to the man which wear this special creation. 

"Like a mirror, my clothes reflect the spirit of the wearer"