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13 January 2014 I In the Company and our Tradition

City of sun and of artisan couture

To live in Naples is to know that you can pursue your dreams, because here they can come true. In this city - steeped in art, history and passion - that has been dominated for centuries by populations so diverse as to have created an open multicultural hub, you feel free and it is impossible to lose yourself.
The city’s special climate is mild and its landscapes ever-changing. The morning air is awash with the scent of coffee and the evenings pulsate with lights and colours; in every street corner you can glimpse a new beginning.

It was from this land, so rich in the sentiment and the passion for beautiful things, that one of the excellences that has made Naples a fashion landmark came to life.

The garments created by Kiton, heirs of the tradition of great Neapolitan tailoring, are characterised by a certain number of features that exalt the wearer’s personality and make it tangible. A unique style, recognisable around the globe, which sees the suit as the ideal follow-through of the wearer’s personality, the most substantial expression of good taste and sophistication.

"The strength of the Neapolitans lies is this: in their character, in their tradition, in their roots"
Marcello Mastroianni

Neapolitan tailoring has always cultivated an almost unique standard of craftsmanship and perfection. Thus, by following the highest artisan traditions like using the finest fabrics and raw materials, Ciro Paone has accomplished the art of placing elegance at the centre of his work, making it a permanent feature even when allowing for its natural evolution.