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Our fabrics

Research, Innovation, Excellence

We have been handling fabrics for seven generations.
Ciro Paone started work in his uncle’s fabric warehouse at an early age.
Over time, he accrued great knowledge and true passion for the fine fabrics, qualities that he has passed down to his heirs and associates.
Still today everything goes around the quality of the fabrics, the main stimulus and the basis of the research and inspiration that represents our idea of style in every new season.
For our garments we use natural fibres -the only ones able to create clothes of superior quality- and manual artisan techniques because, ultimately, they respect the delicacy and refinement of the high-quality fabrics.
We have always worked with leading fabric producers, motivating research for new qualities of yarns to create the most exclusive fabrics in the world.

" We always put at the first place the use of the best fabrics "

Nowadays, in the Carlo Barbera woolen mill that we purchased three years ago, we can directly experience the patterns, textures and new blends of natural fibres.
The technical expertise acquired by the Lanificio in over 60 years of production, combined with the Kiton research and innovation, enable us to work with delicate fibres such as vicũna and to obtain unique yarns, colouring and weaves.