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Our shoes

The equilibrium of complexity

If we were to find a word to best describe our shoes, regardless of the style, it would be "fluid". Indeed, from heel to toe the leather, the features and the stitching all create a coordinated and exceptional balanced continuum.

An intrinsic sense of tradition and creativity together with high-level technical skills are the soul of our artisans’ work, painstakingly crafted by hand at every stage with the aim of creating an aesthetically impeccable shoe that fits like a glove.

“The first indication of the true essence of a man’s style”

The leather we use is sourced from France and Italy and, before arriving on the cobbler's bench, it undergoes a long and complex process. It is waterproofed and made supple by a two-year aging procedure in the ground; it is steeped in a mixture of oak, chestnut and mimosa flowers and then coloured with 100% organic dyes.

The various treatments of leather and stitching make our styles suitable for every requisite in terms of comfort and durability while, of course, the shoe design assures superb elegance because, as we all know, shoes are the first indication of the true essence of a man’s style.