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The evolution of a sartoriale masterpiece

Our garment production is a process that requires experience and meticulousness but, above all, it necessitates research. Indeed, the starting point for the construction of each tailored item, both in leather and fabric, is the painstaking analysis of every detail of the fabric. From the texture to the colour and the pattern.

The production of a garment in woven fabric is a lengthy and laborious process that starts from the cutting stage. This is skilfully and precisely implemented in order to match up each stripe or check of the fabric design. The item is then passed on to the making-up department where it is sewn and finished by our skilled tailors who, with their expertise, create timeless pieces that fit to perfection.

“A lengthy and laborious process that starts with a cut”

For our leather garments, the production process starts from the first indispensable step: the choice of skins. Our expert cutters select skins that are similar in dimension and shade, the most compatible for a single item. The pieces are then cut by a special cutter with an adjustable blade to allow for the thickness of the leather. The item proceeds to the making-up department where it is meticulously hand-finished by tailors and then ironed. The result is an impeccable garment of quality and unique style.