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Pontaccio 21

20-01-2014 I In the Company and our Philosophy

Kiton’s new home

On January 12th, 2014 we proudly inaugurated Palazzo Kiton, opening the doors of our new home to clients, friends and acquaintances.
For us, this location is of exceptional historical significance since it was the former headquarters of Maison Gianfranco Ferré. It has been meticulously conserved and refurbished by the architect Franco Raggi, one of Ferré’s legendary collaborators. The renovation works did not change the appearance and the original idea of the building; on the contrary, from the inception to the conclusion of the project, we have envisioned it as the preservation and the continuation of the historical integrity and passion of Made in Italy.
Right from the beginning, from its public debut, we wanted the Palazzo to represent the essence of the Kiton brand and its founder Ciro Paone, this is why we have embellished it with some works of art from our own collection: works by artists such as Mimmo Paladino, Lucio Del Pezzo, Manlio Giarrizzo and Lello Esposito in addition to furniture from the great Italian classic tradition enhanced by pieces of design history.
The meticulous care and attention to detail with which Palazzo Kiton restoration works have been carried out have made it possible to achieve an end result that truly represents the essence of a Made in Italy brand of excellence such as Kiton.

A stage that presents the excellence and passion of Ciro Paone’s modus and creates a strategic bridge to the future

The impressive Palazzo in Via Pontaccio, comprising the link to its previous commercial and creative identity, is perfectly suited to our desire to create a secondary headquarters for our activities.
Plus, it is an investment that reaffirms our determination to fully promote the development of internationalisation, intensifying relationships with all our stakeholders worldwide.