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The Scissors

10 January 2014 I In the Pride and Tradition

The sharpener's Friday

For a tailor, scissors are the implement of creation. Essential in every phase of the production of a suit, they are strictly personal and exist in artistic symbiosis with the hands of their owner. For this reason, in Kiton, we cosset them, we safeguard them and we revitalise them with great care.

Still today, every Friday, the sharpener does his round of the tailors’ workbenches and collects the scissors that need to be sharpened. So, the tailors are deprived of their implements for a short while but only to render them more fit for service and to renew that pact of reliability that will not compromise the cutting of precious fabrics.

"The scissors shape the project that the mind has conceived"

There is a pair of scissors for every requirement, with different sizes depending on their use: the 13/14-inch models are for cutting, the 10-inch for collars, sleeves and armholes, the 7-inch ones for trimming in general and the 4.5-inch ones for buttonholes.

It is easy to understand why the Friday tradition is indispensable for the Kiton tailors: they need to ensure that their implements are always efficient, since it is with the use of these means that the hand creates the most exclusive suits in the world.