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The silk lining

7 Gennaio | Filed Under: The Pride and Tradition

The secret pleasure of those who dress kiton

Smooth, glossy and in the most flamboyant colours; the silk linings are the secret pleasure of those who wear a Kiton jacket. Hand-stitched to follow the inside contours, the lining is a testament to our tailors’ dedication and attention to detail and to their unyielding pursuit of the best of the best +1, in every aspect of a Kiton garment.

The silk fabrics used to create the delicate inner core of the jackets are the most exclusive available and become an additional bespoke element that we offer to our customers. A fact that we note on sheets of tissue paper, pinned onto the fine paper patterns complete with the customer’s measurements and requirements: an authentic identity card in the Kiton world.

Attention to every detail, visible and not