S/S 2017 Men's Collection Book

For its Spring/Summer 2017 menswear collection KITON takes its inspiration from the world of art, in particular Impressionism, to create timeless and elegant style renowned for its sophistication. The works of nineteenth century artists provide the backdrop for the desires of contemporary KITON customers, creating an enduring bond between the classic creativity of the Impressionist milieu and the meticulously tailored style of the Neapolitan brand.
The new collection stems from a careful study designed to meet the needs of contemporary men and to search for excellence in all product categories: bespoke tailoring, sportswear and accessories.

Bespoke tailoring: timeless style
The must-have item of the season is the suit, the iconic feature of a man’s wardrobe.
The constant search for high quality materials, all exclusive to KITON and made mainly in the woollen mill in Biella, ensures the use of excellent fabrics from the finest wools – such as the 13.2 micron, the 13.5 and the 14 micron fibres – to the lightest yarns that alternate with cashmere and linen for more casual clothing.
The jacket has always been the iconic garment of the brand. It is unstructured and less formal in its fit due to the selection of materials, used generally for blazers, presented in plain colours or in mixed fabrics to create a washed or mélange effect.
The shirts, the symbol of formal tailoring, come in incredibly delicate fabrics with micro designs or checked patterns.
The collection is designed in soft, natural colours: warm beiges, moss greens and army green and elegant shades of grey.
Sportswear: informal elegance
A new twist on the classic fabrics of sportswear, usually used for making technical garments: this is the main feature of the new collection of KITON daywear.
Mackintoshes and trench coats, perfect accompaniments to formal clothing, are made from waterproof wools with inserts of technical fabrics, high quality cottons to give a flowing effect to the garments or light technical silks such as the parachute canvas lined with cashmere. The latter is the ideal fabric for the modern globetrotter: it can be folded and packed in a briefcase without getting creased or crumpled.
Leather, the standout feature of the sportswear collection, comes in several versions: waterproof leather, leather lined with silk. Other items in the collection are made of light suede and nappa leather.
The shirts made from jersey fabric in the sportswear collection combine the know-how of the Fidenza knitwear factory and the shirt factory in Naples.

Thermal garments: innovation meets tradition
The brand presents “Brezza” (literally ‘breeze’), a fabric made specially for the thermal-wear project with incredibly light wool lined using a silk interspace that gives a sensation of coolness even in the highest temperatures. There is one colour for 9 models, from traditional coats and jackets to more casual garments.
The defining feature of the thermal outerwear is innovation applied to tailoring.

The must-have item of the season is the suit, the iconic feature of a man’s wardrobe.