S/S 2018 Men's Collection Book

Kiton is a byword for timeless elegance, an iconic fashion house renowned for its style where excellently tailored clothing is combined with and enhances an innate good taste and sense of beauty. While remaining faithful to the high standards intrinsic to its natural inclination towards bespoke tailoring, the idea for Kiton’s Spring/Summer 2018 menswear collection stems from the intention to provide solutions that are increasingly geared to the needs and desires of its customers: the Kiton customer is the protagonist of a dynamic scenario, constantly travelling, and rediscovering the timeless appeal of classic clothing. The new collection is the result of careful research that reinterprets the concept of timeless elegance, enriching it with new stylish details and applying it to all product categories: tailoring, sportswear and accessories.


The suit once again confirms its status as the season’s must-have item, the quintessential garment in a man’s wardrobe.

Brand new additions include summer vicuna and garments made from summer natural stretch fabric. Kiton introduces the first superlight fabric made from the noblest fibre in the world: vicuna.

Summer Vicuna is made in two different structures: the first is made in an ultralight twill while the second is made in a herringbone pattern to create the typical effect of a Solaro fabric. Both versions come in new colours such as pastel red.
The uniqueness of this creation is demonstrated by its extremely restricted availability. The customers who are the greatest enthusiasts of this variety of fabric had already optioned it when research was in its earliest stages.

The S/S 2018 collection features new innovations in the research for natural stretch fabrics with natural stretch cashmere and 14 micron wool, which represent the distinctive features of the collection. The manufacturing process includes special finishes that add elasticity to the fabric through the inclusion of  elastane combined with woven yarn which, by being absorbed during washing, ensures that the fabric has natural stretch.

Blue is the main colour and appears in all its different shades, a chromatic frame ideally suited to containing micro-patterns and imperceptible designs.


The chic and elegant Kiton jacket once again confirms its status as the stand-out garment in the wardrobe of the contemporary gentleman. Stylistic research is crucial with the introduction of new structures that combine the profundity of the designs with the trademark lightness in the construction and aesthetic appearance of the garment. As a result of this objective, the jackets have a slimmer drop and their length has been reduced from 76 cm to 74 cm.

For this season, Kiton has given a new twist to one of the fashion house’s historic models: the G jacket. This type of jacket has extraordinary versatility obtained by using a special manufacturing procedure that gives the upper part of the garment a formal appearance while the lower part looks more casual and fluid.

Tailoring: timeless style and technology
Sportswear: informal elegance The re-interpretation of the classic fabrics of sportswear, usually used for making technical garments, is a feature of Kiton daywear. Nanotechnology is an inherent part of the manufacturing process, giving the garments waterproof qualities directly from the innermost part of the yarn. Coating processes have been eliminated, so the fabrics already possess technical properties that ensure high performance. Special emphasis has been placed on colours, in particular pastel shades. They represent a new feature of this season’s collection with which Kiton customers can enrich and refresh their own wardrobe with light shades. The following materials were used: glass nylon wool fibre combines the excellence of Super 150s woollen yarn with the incredibly light nanofibre of which 60% comes from renewable sources of plant origin; Skin System, a combination of the best cashmere and the finest silk in the world, known as “600” silk because a kilo can be unwound for as long as 570 km; a technical silk wool blend, combined with a state-of-the-art membrane, which has a soft microfibre and a gauze effect; two-tone soft cotton, made from the combination of a twisted dyed cotton yarn and technical nylon fibre. The main features of the world of leather include stretch suede, lambskin combined with an elastic fabric, shiny superlight leather and nappa leather. All these types of leather are worked to ensure they are as light as possible and retain their natural appearance.