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The Suit

10 January 2014 I In the Made to Measure

25 hours of passion, from hand to hand

To create a made to measure suit means, here at Kiton, be sure that it will become a perfect expression of its wearer.
As Ciro Paone says: "everyone dreams of the sea, but not all dream of the same sea".
Therefore, the first step is to invent a fabric for our clients that satisfies their innermost desires and which, like a mirror, is able to reflect their own personality.
Kiton’s true exclusivity derives from our own woollen mill, Lanificio Carlo Barbera, where we create the fabrics from the raw materials. Here we select the rarest and most prestigious fibres which are then woven according to elaborate techniques, combining the appropriate colours to obtain the desired shades.

At this stage, the task is placed in the expert hands of the tailors, each dedicated to a single stage of garment production, considering both the style of the collection and the customer's requirements, as always the key incentive of our business.
The suits are cut and basted by hand to meticulously enhance each detail; any other means would be inconceivable since the aim is to achieve the excellence. This is because machine stitching "locks up" the fabric and deprives it of air, movement and vitality preventing the garment from living in harmony with the wearer.

"Elegant is the man who can choose from his own wardrobe to find the perfect suit for every occasion"

The Kiton suit is a perfect combination of exclusive elements: the fabrics, the workmanship and the accessories which merge into a single item. It is the result of that passion for beauty and bel vestire that Ciro Paone has always sought. The Kiton creations are an expression of the art and the traditions of the ancient Neapolitan tailoring school, devoid of any quirky "excesses", firmly established internationally as icons of class and style.