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The Tailoring School

Kiton has launched a strategic bridge to the future, comprised of men and women who will carry forward the story, the style and the secrets of Kiton’s sartorial design.
"Working with us is like being part of an orchestra," where you have to move in unison with others because any irregular rhythm is reflected on all the production stages.
For this reason, every three years, the Kiton training school and our haute couture tutors welcome eighteen talented youngsters, between the ages of sixteen and twenty-one, who will acquire the knowledge, techniques and passion for sewing a suit that bears the Kiton seal of quality.
"Once upon a time you went into a workshop, now you join a course”. Nowadays, Kiton is one of the few remaining companies that rigorously upholds the tradition of Neapolitan haute couture.
At the end of the three years, after about 3600 hours of training, of which 2600 practice and theory, the young trainees receive a certificate at a graduation ceremony firmly upheld by the entire Paone family.
Of the 18 young people who completed the first course as many as 10 have already entered into the factory, while the remaining few work freelance or with other companies.
The aim of our project undertakes the social valence of preparing young people to enter the world of work, ensuring a constant changeover in artisanal manpower. The intent is to make real improvements in society and the economy, convinced that a company must be proactive and is truly able to promote culture and progress.

We look to the future. We believe in young people and in their talent, and it is to them that we entrust the secrets of the highest sartorial art.



Our ideal candidate is

between 16 - 21 years old.


Do you want to establish

yourself in a job that enables you

to use your manual skills,

technical knowledge and creativity?


If you wish to specialise in accordance

with the finest traditions

of Neapolitan tailoring

then please apply to

Kiton’s free Training Academy

at Ciro Paone Spa,

the company that has decided to ensure

the continuity of this tradition around the world.