Take a look at the 2015 Spring Summer Men's Lookbook

Spring Summer 2015

The careful study carried out by the historic Neapolitan fashion house in search of the most exclusive fabrics and the most precious materials has led to the first fabric made of pure vicuña yarn. Only 20 suits worldwide will be made from this new material: each cut will be numbered with a selfedge to prove its uniqueness. The ambitious project about the Fibre of the Gods reflects the core values of Kiton, a sensation of excellence to be enjoyed, a full, individual elegance which never descends to mere ostentation.
Kiton style is not just about vicuña yarn. For next summer’s collection, an exclusive 14 micron Gabardine wool in a wide range of colours has been chosen for suits, blazers, trousers and five pocket trousers.
Next summer’s Kiton collection is a major revolution in terms of colours and shades: they range from natural colours to greys and blues to shades of green used for outerwear, and also include saturated bright colours such as yellow, turquoise, cherry red, used for shirts, pullovers and trousers.

The jacket is the undisputed star of the menswear collection and the iconic garment of Kiton tailoring skills. The new structure features a narrower lapel, slimmer sleeves, a shorter hem, a tighter waisted which perfectly meet the style requirements of the urbane gentleman.
The attention to detail, the craft tradition and the distinctive elegance make the Kiton jacket a symbol of uniqueness worldwide. These features are to be found throughout the Kiton collection from outwear to pullovers and accessories, creating a coherent world of values, aesthetic and tailoring canons.

There are also innovations and records when it comes to knitwear: in its own woollen mill Kiton has created the lightest cashmere and silk pullover in the world using new 42 gauge looms. Together with this high quality yarn, there are also cardigans and pullovers with hoods made of cotton and cashmere as well as the classic Kiton stonewashed cashmere and silk garments that emphasise the smart casual beauty of the colours. The haute couture pure cotton knitwear range encapsulates distinctive themes of the Kiton collection from the asymmetrical designs to the classic Kiton jacket, the heart and soul of the company brand.
Kiton has carried out meticulous research into trousers, with a focus on original fabrics and washes with lightweight materials (160 grams) and the classic Kurabo jeans. The printed Irish linen seersucker trousers make a triumphant return.

Kiton means colour and the shirt is a perfect reflection of this approach, with patterns and textures carefully mixed with a wide range of colours which are distinctive and well-proportioned.
Another must-have classic is the capsule line of Kiton outerwear, the CIPA model, which includes a wide range of blazers matched with floral print shirts to be worn with striped or plain colour bermudas.

The cool pale elegance of the world of boats has inspired the Kiton SS2014 outwear line in a perfect balance between painstaking attention to detail and performance. The materials are inspired by their technical use before being adapted to the taste of men with a Kiton sense of style. This procedure has led to the creation of jackets with camouflage patterns made from silk woven on looms used during the second world war to make military parachutes. The jackets have cashmere lining. The wind jackets made of ultralight waterproof leather are ideal clothing for men who appreciate elegance even when sailing or tucked away in an overnight bag for smart use.
This world of clothing also includes bathrobes for use when sailing: they are lined with modal cotton with a cashmere feel while the outer part is made of heavy duty linen with a shirt print taken from Kiton’s historic archives.

Kiton SS2015 footwear have sinuous, comfortable forms; the classic goodyear workmanship is used as the basis for new models like the derby and the laced shoe, enhanced with indentation and floral patterns.
The uppers of the classic models are enlivened, as well as with small punches, by thick thread sewn with matching colours which create dynamic embroidered patterns on the toe pieces. The classic perforations have been replaced by new geometric patterns, such as stars in the case of the Star model. In the case of the Avatar and Marotta models, the floral decoration covers all the outer part of the uppers, following the profile.

The Kiton 2015 summer collection is a mixture of colour, passion and a relentless quest for excellence
All the shoe bottoms of smart casual footwear are made of extralight, flexible material: a classic example is the Tie shoe bottom, which draws on the geometric patterns of Kiton ties, an element also to be found in the small leather goods and accessories and which has now become a distinctive feature of Kiton collections. The materials also reflect the emphasis on style. As well as in its classic colours, coconut fabric is also presented in 4 new colours: yellow, green water and stone creating a chiaroscuro effect between pastel colours and dark brown, giving depth and character to the uppers; in the structure of the smart casual footwear, the coconut fibre is rubberised. The precious material has been reinterpreted with an opaque touch designed to enhance the casual, technical look. There are also luxurious materials including calfskin, carefully hand dyed in the Arzano workshop, suede interwoven with bright colours and for sports, natural fabrics matched with the clothing.. The collection of bags has a dual personality: they are divided between business bags and leisure bags, both made with great care and attention to detail, from the materials to the carefully chosen metals. The simple but carefully designed lines are emphasised by the geometric cuts of the pockets and shoulder straps. The linings are either Tie print or carefully selected leather for the linings of bags made in the coconut fibre versions.