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Two or Three Things I know about Ciro

A tribute to Ciro Paone

Pitti Immagine and Kiton are delighted to present the special exhibition â€œDue o tre cose che so di Ciro” (Two or Three Things I know about Ciro), dedicated to Ciro Paone, founder and president of Kiton.

Curated by Angelo Flaccavento, the exhibition is designed to be both a portrait and a tribute to one of Italy’s most charismatic entrepreneurs. The exhibition represents a sensorial journey through six rooms, each devoted to one of six specific themes that have become milestones in the life of Ciro Paone.

Famiglia+1NapoliSartoriaIndossaggioQualità are the names given to each room and offer visitors  the chance to go on an imaginary journey designed to tell the life story of Ciro Paone through installations, quotations, impressions and ironic plays of contrasts between tradition and contemporaneity, sacred and profane, underlining the fact that Paone is a maestro, renowned for his pursuit of excellence, who still remains rooted to the simplest routines of everyday life.

A journey into the taste, the passion and the love for beauty of Ciro Paone

The exhibition provides an atmospheric portrait that recounts the taste, passion and unstinting devotion to the cause of beauty and good taste that pervade the life and career of Ciro Paone, the heart, mind and soul of Kiton. It represents a journey through the timeless values and motivating forces that lie behind the brand. 

The distinctive features of the strong personality of Ciro Paone, the man and entrepreneur, are both palpable and elusive (hence the title): they can be sensed in everything, from the perfection of the sartorial details to the precision of the world of Kiton outside the tailoring workshops, but they are hard to describe. The portrait therefore consists of sensations and emotions. The aim is to portray the mind and the heart behind the excellence of the product rather than the product itself.

The exhibition is light, touching, poetic and surreal: a voyage inside the taste and personality of a man, using the bespoke suit as a frame, pretext and backdrop, and discretion as a horizon of meaning. The idea is to get close to spectators and involve them physically, offering each person the chance to get a personal and unrepeatable snapshot. The sensation of lightness and perfection that can be felt by wearing a Kiton suit, whose uniqueness is never visible to the naked eye but only emerges from use, becomes a spatial and emotional experience.

The exhibition, which will be inaugurated on 10 January 2017, will be open to the public on 11 and 12 January from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm.

At the opening of Pitti Immagine Uomo 91, Ciro Paone will receive the Pitti Immagine career award.