F/W 2016 Men's Collection Book

Faithful to the codes of an innate vocation for bespoke apparel, Kiton’s Fall/Winter 2016-17 menswear collection stems from research capitalizing on customer demands by offering excellent attire in every category of menswear: sartorial, thermal, denim, sportswear and accessories.

Tailoring: the art of needle and thread

The masterpieces of this season is three-piece suit with the highlighting of the vest. The constant research for the finest quality - the soul of the Kiton philosophy - finds expression in suits with definitely sporty appeal featuring premium fabrics woven with 13.2-, 13.5- and 14-micron yarns – very lightweight yet making winter garments warm. The jacket, icon of Kiton savoir-faire in the traditional single- and double-breasted versions, has new, exclusive blends of pure cashmere borrowed from the knitwear with vicuna and guanaco creating a surprising play of perception emphasizing patterns and softness to the touch. The shirts, emblem of the tailor’s art, have “micro-design” weaves that not only provide fine detailing but also a slight hint of color.
The Fall/Winter 2016-17 collection attests to renewed attention to pants, which Kiton offers in a rich selection of colored cotton corduroy. The colour palette range from the great classics – blue and gray – to the intriguing dichotomy of black and white and the elegant notes of deep burgundy and green.

Thermal outerwear: innovation meets tradition

Truly new for the season is the CULTO thermal-wear project, the evolution of sartorial art inspired by a desire to innovate outerwear, offering vanguard ideas in the footsteps of tradition. By using technologies and materials able to act as thermal valves, incessant and innovative research culminates in a selection of models – three jackets, three overcoats and three sport jackets – revised to ensure a perfect balance between detail and performance, taste and practicality. Creating the first sartorial thermal outerwear to bring elegance and lightness of weight to the outdoors too. This project, explicitly architectonic in ambition, restructures jackets and coats to interpret contemporary fashion while drawing on traditional identifying values, at the same time creating innovative relations between our indoor world and the outside.

Kiton, when tradition meets the innovation Culto comes out: the first sartorial thermal outerwear.
Denim: casual elegance For its denim line Kiton has chosen Japanese Kurabo jeans, the world’s most exclusive, perfect down to their very fiber. Made from organic cotton, worked at high intensity on ancient looms, Kiton jeans come in two versions of fit: snug European and baggier American. Resistant yet elastic, the jeans have double stitching and iconic red enamel buttons. Every season Kiton creates up to eight different processes of original washing resulting in a rich range of exclusive blues. Sportswear: new design The sportswear in the Kiton Fall/Winter 2016-17 collection offers attire for every moment of the day. Outstanding in the “city” portion are iconic outer coats and jackets that go very well with formal apparel. Extremely elegant single-breasted trench coats and rain parkas in cotton and silk (to be worn with or without jackets underneath) are offered along with knit vests woven in micro-designs recalling the patterns of Kiton 1960s ties. For leisure time the leather jackets (including deerskin) are hand-sewn with no cuts, thanks to the use of large hides that make them truly exclusive. Big sellers in recent years, once again there are fur-lined jackets in technical materials, and this year the furs run from weasel to beaver and even hand-sewn female mink starting from this season. Growing and consolidating is the capsule collection devoted to skiing that was so popular last season, with even more high-tech materials and new colors like dark gray and cream-banded blue. And in the brown version Kiton is the absolute first to have created a windbreaker in wind-resistant, waterproof cashmere.