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Kiton opens its third boutique in Moscow

Moscow, November 2016 - Kiton is due to open its third boutique in Tretyakov Drive (Tretyakovsky Proyezd 11)  in Moscow.
The store has three floors and occupies a surface area of over 400 sq. m. containing Kiton’s menswear, womenswear and accessories collections.
The architectural concept follows the new distinctive line which, will reflect the family feeling of future Kiton stores worldwide. The interiors use natural materials such as pale marble and rough bronze and a range of neutral shades like beige. The furnishings are completed by elegant olive armchairs designed to encourage customers to take their time while appreciating and choosing the exclusive Kiton creations. 

Kiton, a reference point for elegance and style

The third Moscow store confirms the international expansion of Kiton, which is reinforcing its presence in the Russian market which has grown 7% compared to 2015.
Antonio De Matteis, Kiton’s CEO, commented «The new store opening in Moscow represents the consolidation of our brand in the city and, more generally, in the Russian and eastern European market. It is a clear sign of the extent to which Kiton is admired and regarded as a reference point for elegance and style».